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Water Softener

Water softener removes the hardness minerals, calcium and magnesium, by exchanging these minerals for sodium in common salt. Hard water is passed through a cylinder containing millions of tiny beads of ion-exchange resin which attract and remove the hardness minerals from the water.


water softenerThe resin is regenerated by rinsing a small amount of brine (common salt - sodium chloride - dissolved in water) through the tank. The sodium from the salt is left on the resin as it is exchanged for the hardness minerals trapped by the resin. The used brine, containing accumulated hardness, does not enter the water system - it is automatically flushed away into a drain.


Water Softener systems are used as a pre-treatment for Reverse Osmosis systems. JDM Company, Inc. provides sales and service of water softeners.


Whether you need a complete new system, replacement parts or on-site removal of old resins and installation of new resin, JDM Company, Inc. has the capability to meet all your needs.




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JDM Company performs water softener service in Boston, MA, Manchester, NH, CT, NY, NJ, RI and all of New England. Using the most up-to-date water softener service and quality replacement parts, JDM offers superior professional service. Address: 210 Tyngsboro Rd. North Chelmsford, MA 01863 Phone: 978-458-0059